Glitch : Monster With No Elemental Weaknesses

As a beginner you will ask a question on what is the best elemental properties that your main monster must be since elemental flow deals great influence in your effectiveness in battle. But actually there is no superior elements from one another as everything flow in round. So what you can do for the best is to get all elemental with your primary monster. But how about those monster with no elemental weaknesses? Well that is another story to tell or we can say a glitch to reveal.

At first we never thought that this is a glitch because you will see that everything fall into correct logic of the game but without stability that is the time we called it glitch. We are speaking with monsters with no elemental weakness due of having opposite elemental properties. So what is this opposite element we are talking about? Those monsters with this kind of elemental combinations: Water/Thunder, Fire/Nature, Water/Fire, Nature/Magic, Light/Magic, Dark/Light, Earth/Dark, Thunder/ Earth.

Actually in other games with the same elemental flow concept, there is a restriction to breed monsters/character with opposite attribute. As we just started playing the game, we also thought that is also implemented here in Monster Legends since that will cause a major instability to the characters. Example if you will attack Pandaken with Fire/Nature element with Fire skill this will be irrational to the flow. Since Fire is weak attack against Fire monsters but a strong attack to those with Nature attribute, now where we will base the damage?

Element Properties Monster Legends

This is base on our experience and the reason why we called it glitch since there is no fix algorithm from this point. But most of the time, monsters with two opposite element receive weak attacks even the offensive skill is against on its attribute. Here we can use this glitch to breed no weaknesses monsters. There are lots of monsters with two opposite elemental properties just venture and discover them all but we recommend to master first the elemental flow so you can formulate your own combination. You can share all your findings and experiment in the comment form below so we can discuss it further. You can also like our official Facebook page to get updated from us. Expect there will be more glitches to reveal as well as Monster Legends cheats here.

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