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Now that mating is over after waiting for hours or even days, (for most superior monsters) you want some hint on the result of what kind of monster that you will get after this egg hatched. So this is our guides embedded with images so you can check the corresponding offspring for every egg and compare on what is holding on your hatchery right now. Actually from the time duration of mating you can already get some hint on what your new monster would be (just refer to this Monster Legends mating / breeding guides) but since there are some monster having the same duration like Scorchpeg and Skipple (35 hours) it still not so specific unlike if you already got the egg and see using this list to know what exact monster you will get for that egg.

Monster Legend Cheats Eggs Guides

monster legends egg hatching guides

This is the reason why from mating to hatching there is no way to dispose your unhatched egg even if you already know using this Monster Legends eggs guides that you don’t want that monster that you will get from a certain egg but still you need to wait to get it hatched before you can sell. With this concept it is better to have upgraded (level 4 hatchery) and ultra breeding mountain so you can easily move from different breeding experiment at a time.

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