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This is the best way we can do to let you use our tool for free. Unfortunately we can’t share this for massive download or usage to preserve the security and secrecy of every script that makes this tool keep working. We also discourage the abuse of this trainer that is the reason why you can only use this once (good for testing). Also we can only grant your request immediately if “there is someone from our team” who are currently online see your comment below. Facebook ID is fixed numerical identification of your Facebook account while Session key is changing from time to time. Unless we see your comment below as you drop it without passing an hour, we can say that this will be a success. We recommend to drop a comment every hour or as often as you want as long as it will not look like a spam so the Facebook comment moderator system will not block your account. Thank you and enjoy!

Monster Legends October 24, 2013 Updates

For those addict players of Monster Legends definitely already noticed the updates as well as downtime of the game. This is how one of our members experienced the downtime maintenance of the game telling that the game is currently unavailable. Of course with this we can say that there will be an in game updates. Unfortunately, SocialPoint (developer) do not practice of telling us the changelog or what this new updates bring to us. Anyway we made our own research regarding with new patch but still we highly emphasize that there is no confirmation on this changes only we base this in our experience. Also we are not telling that this is the only updates or made changes in game as we open this discussion for everyone who want to share their new experiences regarding with October 24, 2013 updates.

Monster Legends Maintenance Downtime

One of very noticeable changes we experience in game is Farm Growing Duration changes. At first we thought that this is only a glitch but after asking other players and confirmed that the planting/growing duration really changed we included this in our list as updates.

For plant to grow the update cuts off almost 70% of the duration. For Fresh Jungle Peanuts it is usually grows for 6 hours but now it only takes 45 minutes to harvest. 

 monster legends farm updates

Updates will result for major advantage of players. With this, they can earn lots of food and XP faster. The only matter in this set up is you need lots of gold. In our case, as we are also playing games without using any gold hack, we can’t conserve our gold anymore as we are spending this aggressively in planting for food. But of course it is all yours if you will focus on food or gold so there is no disadvantage on this updates what you need to put in your mind is the balance from your resources for effective playing of Monster Legends. You can also check our easy gold tips so you can comply in this changes.

For more updates, you can bookmark this www.MonsterLegendsCheats.com by pressing Ctrl + D or you can share your discovered changes in game. Thank you very much.

Monster Legends Easy Gold Guide

Gold is the most important resources on Monster Legends (of course next to gems) thus having abundant income of gold is also a good sign of dominating the game. But actually it is not so easy to grind for it as most actions including upgrading, clearing, building, buying require a high amount of gold thus this will be the most challenging part of the game. The fact is, it is more easier for everyone to breed their legendary monster but hard for them to construct habitat for it so in the end it is still useless.

You can also convert gold into food but not food to gold but by doing this it will runs out all your stock of gold as they are asking you for imbalance cost (for us). As the game launched two months ago, you can get (randomly) a different class of monster especially magic class but now the only way to get your first magic monster is by purchasing it with gold, recruiting players and winning a boss battle on stage 40 to get Pandalf or else you will spend 500k of gold to get Genie.

Not only the price of planting food but also upgrading all your structure it is really difficult to take an action especially if they will require you a big amount. That is the reason why gold hack is what many players using in Monster Legends. But for those who love challenge they can still stay away from using trainer tool but still can dominate this game if you know what you need to do and that is what we have here for you.

To get easy gold you need to have lots of habitat and of course monsters. But since upgrading and building habitats also requires lots of gold itself we only recommend to build Nature Habitat for gold farming. Since it is cheapest habitat to upgrade while can hold lots of gold (high gold max). Upon building your first nature habitat it will only require you to have 250 gold with 5000 max gold limit. You can compare it with other habitat and see how really helpful nature habitat is in getting lots of gold. Next you need to upgrade it with 2,500 gold and it can hold 13,000 gold (really cheap!) On next upgrade cost you 5,000 food for 21,000 gold limit. In our case we stop on this upgrade since the next one will ask you to spend 180k gold and I think it is not recommended anymore. So instead of pushing for another upgrade they will build a new one and max out the available habitat to build.

Of course you will think that, “I don’t want to play this game forever with Nature type of monster alone”. Of course we also don’t want that too so in our case we still build other kinds of habitat but we only limit it to one so we can give more slots of nature habitat as form of gold farming.

We also experience the number 1 problem in earning gold is the Monster Arena’s gold stealing system. In our case we use this trick to solve the problem and never experience wasting gold anymore especially gems in buying shields.

monster legends easy gold

That’s it! thanks for reading our easy gold guide, if you think that you have something more useful to tell, you can share it here by writing a comment below. We also accept gold glitches guide and hacking tool too. We also tried different method to earn fast gold and we believe that this is the best so far to do especially if you are just started playing the game.

How To Get Legendary Monster In Just 3 Days of Playing

We already shared different method of how to breed Legendary Monsters as this is the most exciting part of the game. Legendary Monster due for being the strongest class of monsters you can use in battle on this game also it is very difficult to breed as you need to have almost all class of monster starting from common > uncommon > rare > epic and finally legendary. Many players obviously want to have this superior type of monsters as they use cheats and hacking tool to acquire them. There are also request of detailed guide get them without spending real cash or by purchasing it using gems. So here we want to share to you the fastest and the easiest way to get your own legendary monster in just 3 days.

Since we are in rush of getting your Legendary Monster, we don’t have a time to start from the very beginning, so instead of breeding, uncommon and rare type of monster we will directly go for epic. So where you will get your first epic? That is on 10th stage after beating the boss you will get free Scorchpeg (E).

monster legends scorchpeg

After getting your first epic, you need to get your 2nd epic, but this time it is more simple since you already have epic what you need to do is to make an offspring from it by combining other monster. In our case we use Freetle since this makes the highest possibility to get either, Scorchpeg (E), Skipples (E) and Goldcore (E). If you don’t have Freetle(R) it is easy to acquire from matching Fire and Earth type of monster. Pandaken + Rockilla for example.

scorchpeg and freetle

In our case, we got another Scorchpeg. We feed it to reach level 4 and breed it with the old Scorchpeg. From the screenshot below, you will see that the duration process can give you a clue on what kind of monster you will get. It is fact that all Legendary Monsters are 2 days breed and 2 days to hatch. So we can called it a success breeding of Legendary Monster now the question is what kind of Legendary Monster in our list it is either Vadamagma (L) or Nemestrinus (L) anyway it is a fact that we got our Legendary Monster by this easiest method.

how to breed legendary easily

With this you can get all Legendary monsters at ease without spending cash or even hacking tool. You can combine the same Epic Monsters and get other variation. You can combine, Skipples, Scorchpeg, Fliplooch, Duchess, TerraCrank, and Rabidex and get other all Legendary Monsters. But also consider that this is also base on chance so experimenting is still your edge.

8 legendary monsters

Now that you have your Legendary monster, your next thing to do is to provide legendary habitat which is more difficult to have than to breed the monster itself since you need to have 5millon gold. Unless you will use cheats for unlimited gold, this will take your entire patience. Although we have easy gold guide that you can take a look to give you also a good way to boost your earning and Monster Arena tips so you can prevent your account from leaking gold and food with Monster Arena as this is what we see a major problem of most players who are grinding for gold.

Thanks for reading our guide, hope this will help you get your first legendary monster. Remember that always the first try is the toughest but after that, it will easily come to the play. Also don’t forget to share this guide to your friends who also wish to breed supreme monsters.

Suggestion: Must Have Confirmation In Using Gems

Gem is very important and expensive part of the game that you can claim either for free, cheat / hack tool, or basically from purchasing directly on Social Point. This is the way for the developer to earn their profit on this game and for players to hurl money from their pocket as sign of support thus we strongly suggest that Monster Legends should have confirmation pop up or question upon spending gems. Yes there are some schemes that the game will ask you but there are still don’t have just like in:

  • Requesting for worker from your friends,
  • Requesting for new area to unlock
  • Requesting worker for your Monster Market
  • Spending for additional stamina on Monster Arena

Actually those tasks are very easy to comply as you need only to let your friends grant your request and ironically the hard-to-dig gem are also very easy to get wasted from accident click on that easy request.

monster legends accident click

We believe that there are lots of players already wasted their gem from this kind of accident. If you are one them, you can contribute by sharing/liking this post so your friends will be informed that we will start a petition for this additional feature of Monster Legends so we can stop such waste from our premium currency.

Having Problem With Monster Arena? This Is How We Fixed It

Not only by some of our members but also we found that most players are suffering from imbalanced stealing system of Monster Legends in Monster Arena. Yes we can say that this is the most important and challenging part of the game but with a major disadvantage of this feature that brought into someone’s gameplay, this is not actually fun anymore.

So here’s the case – upon reaching level 10 you can unlock this PvP fighting system with corresponding ranking to aim as well as resources stealing system. Here you will pick your opponent randomly while you can skip those opponent that you don’t want to fight. Obviously players want to fight those who possess lots of gold and food to steal. At first you will enjoy the setup since you can steal resources from other players but after a while, you will also get stolen by other players and there is no way for you to defend it aside from seeing your attack log and make a revenge. But the sad part is, you will only get the 50% of stolen resources in return.

To solve this case, Monster Legends (Socialpoint) introduce the Shield system where you can turn on a shield cost you a gem and upon turning it on, no one can ever attack you or you will not appear in any random opponent search. While your shield is on, you are not recommended to cast an attack too as this will forfeit your protection from incoming attack.

Monster Arena Glitches / Bugs

Monster Arena Shield Glitch

Now this is the problem or we consider as glitch, even you are with your shield, still players can attack you through “revenge” and once getting an attacked, your shield will be removed and you will likely to appear in random battle again and open for public to steal your resources. With this bug, it is like there is no protection at all.

Our Recommendation

It is so fun to compete with other players and tempting to do bad to others, but if you can save your ego in this competition, you better keep out on Monster Arena at the very first place. This will save your 25k Golds and space that are very important when you are just started playing them. In our case, we tried not to build one nor to enter the battle even once to experience no incoming attacks at all, no stolen resources, and no gem-consuming shield to turn it on only to find that there is a glitch to turn this off far from your knowledge.

Of course, like what we said that this is the heart of the game, this is really fun and you are playing Monster Legends for this reason. We are competitive and we want to dominate others and test how strong we got so far. So here’s the key, unless you are not strong enough to defend your resources using tough monsters’ line up and team up you better stay away from that arena. Just play the game, grind and get great monsters (obviously legendary monsters) that is likely no one can ever beat you.

It is also good not to leave unused gold in your account. Upgrade or buy habitat as possible, this can give you more gold passively. You can bookmark this website by pressing CTRL + D so you can return here instantly for more tips and guides. We will also push the issue to Socialpoint (game developer) to make a change or patch this kind of multiplayer battle system. What we can do now is to comment below for your experiences regarding with the case and how you handle such problem. We are also want you to share this on your Facebook so everyone can see it and for them to contribute to the discussion.

Thank you and for us to say, this is just a game so just enjoy it!

Glitch : Monster With No Elemental Weaknesses

As a beginner you will ask a question on what is the best elemental properties that your main monster must be since elemental flow deals great influence in your effectiveness in battle. But actually there is no superior elements from one another as everything flow in round. So what you can do for the best is to get all elemental with your primary monster. But how about those monster with no elemental weaknesses? Well that is another story to tell or we can say a glitch to reveal.

At first we never thought that this is a glitch because you will see that everything fall into correct logic of the game but without stability that is the time we called it glitch. We are speaking with monsters with no elemental weakness due of having opposite elemental properties. So what is this opposite element we are talking about? Those monsters with this kind of elemental combinations: Water/Thunder, Fire/Nature, Water/Fire, Nature/Magic, Light/Magic, Dark/Light, Earth/Dark, Thunder/ Earth.

Actually in other games with the same elemental flow concept, there is a restriction to breed monsters/character with opposite attribute. As we just started playing the game, we also thought that is also implemented here in Monster Legends since that will cause a major instability to the characters. Example if you will attack Pandaken with Fire/Nature element with Fire skill this will be irrational to the flow. Since Fire is weak attack against Fire monsters but a strong attack to those with Nature attribute, now where we will base the damage?

Element Properties Monster Legends

This is base on our experience and the reason why we called it glitch since there is no fix algorithm from this point. But most of the time, monsters with two opposite element receive weak attacks even the offensive skill is against on its attribute. Here we can use this glitch to breed no weaknesses monsters. There are lots of monsters with two opposite elemental properties just venture and discover them all but we recommend to master first the elemental flow so you can formulate your own combination. You can share all your findings and experiment in the comment form below so we can discuss it further. You can also like our official Facebook page to get updated from us. Expect there will be more glitches to reveal as well as Monster Legends cheats here.

CAUTION: Having Too Many Friends Will Cause 50% Loading Stuck

This is base on one of our accounts that we are using to play Monster Legends. We already contacted the officials (Sitepoint) and while still hoping for their positive response, here we want to give you this caution. Since this is the only reason we are considering why our account stuck on 50% loading.

Having too many friends is a great advantage in Monster Legends since you can easily finish all quest, bonus and item request. There are lots of friend to visits and compensated with extra XP, gold and coin. But away from our knowledge, if you reached a big number of friends (1000+) playing Monster Legends this will result in some errors including monster arena ranking unavailable, hard time in loading your friends as well as your game and currently the most annoying scene we are currently experiencing, 50% loading stuck.

Though we don’t have confirmation about this findings, still we consider this as a rule as we already experienced the same error in other Facebook games. Don’t worry even if we will need to start again from the beginning, there is no totally difference as we can easily dominate the game using cheats and trainer tool, what we have here in our mind is to tell to everyone that adding lots of friends might also can harm your gameplay. Balance is still the key.

IMHO: The Most Stupid Feature of Monster Legends

Monster Market! This is a place that you can build on Monster Legends and let you collect gold and food after completing the required characters through your friends in definite time.


Your friends can be very helpful producing (What?!!) more Gold and Food for your Monsters to grow. Every position filled yields an extra +250 Food or +500 Gold. Fill all of that Monster Market positions to get the maximum profit!. Remember that the workers return home after finishing the job.

You will get 1500 Food or 3000 Gold if you made to fill all those positions. Now this makes Monster Market feature so stupid, the Fill option will cost you 1 Gem. Are they expecting that there’s a player willing to spend 6 pcs of gems for 1500 Food or 3000 Gold?

If you found more nonsense content of Monster Legends than this, you can drop it to the comment box below so we can push this in form of suggestion and feedback and hopefully they will implement an updates regarding with the subject.

Monster Legends Updates [September 20, 2013] Reset Hackers/Cheaters Account

Good news or bad news that is what really happened on September 20, 2013 updates on Monster Legends. Good news to those who are not using any cheat and they want only to play the game fairly especially in Monster Arena while bad news to all hackers who needs to play again from the very beginning. And to us? there is no difference at all, we are here to give you options either it is by means of doing it bad or good light, we are all here to enjoy the game.

Bad story for us since we are losing players who are willing to use are free food and gold hack as well as supporting our gem services. While good story since now you have time to read our legal ways of earning free gems as well as guides based on elemental property strategy in winning battle without modifying the game.

updates monster legends

Luckily we have lots of Monster Legends account we are using to give you more scope in game as well as exploring, experimenting and put it as guides. In this update we also formulate a theory on how you can protect your account from being detected as cheat user. Another idea that you can check with and use so next time it is more secure for you to use our tool.

Aside from that clearing update, there is no major changes happened on September 20, 2013. There is also free DragonianBeast (Epic) for all Dragon City players who reached level 10 that has been added on last week quest and now they official included this on monster’s list that you can buy with 860 gems. Also the update will now let you to upgrade your airship for more battle (fixed bug). Because most hackers/cheaters are the on Monster Arena ranking, they also update the records and fixed the bug.

For more additional info about this update, you can use the comment form below. Disclaimer: There is no official confirmation about this updates, this is only based from our research and personal experiences as player of Monster Legends.